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The price for a professional photographer is substantially lower than the cost of appearing unprofessional.

The difference between Executive, Standard and Express headshots:

Executive portraits are designed for C-level execs and buisness owners, or anyone who's image is too strikingly important to compromise.  We shoot for up to an hour if necessary or desired, on and off backdrops, different locations and customized lighting to suit not only the facial features, but also the desired mood of the shot.  We can do edgy and smooth during one session, a picture for investor relations and another for employee relations, something that implies bad ass, another that's good for mom.  Each executive session includes up to three fully retouched images, and additionals are available when we like too many to choose.

Standard headshots include up to 15-20 minutes per person of shooting time if it is required, and allows for customizing the lighting to best fit individuals, toying with a different tie or doing a few shots with the jacket off, for example.  There typically a 30 per day maximum.

Afterwards, Standard corporate portraits are retouched to my liking, toning down wrinkles, fully eliminating imperfections and cloning you onto a rodeo horse to make it look like you're Texas' best.

Express headshots are designed to be friendlier to budgets, allow for more individuals to be photographed in one day and are retouched briefly, only to reduce anything terribly awkward, like the properly named zit on your forehead or lipstick on your teeth.  Typically I allow for 50 per day maximum.

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