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The price for a professional photographer is substantially lower than the cost of appearing unprofessional.

Cost (per person):
Number of People: Executive Standard Express
1 $499 $299 $225
2 $379 $199 $149
3 $339 $169 $129
4 $299 $149 $109
5-9 $269 $139 $99
10-14 $239 $119 $79
15-25 $199 $99 $69

Full day rate: $2500.(8 hours)
Half day rate: $1500. (4 hours)

Credit cards are accepted.

Click here for descriptions of "Executive", "Standard" and "Express" portraits.

Additional charges may apply for rush service, extended travel, group shots, photoshopping subliminal messages into your eyes.

As you can see, it makes sense to call your friends,
convince your boss to let me do the whole sales force or
post on linkedin to see if you can find someone else
who wants to take advantage of volume pricing!

"After Rob placed the subliminal message in my photograph, sales went up 500%! 
I had him do my image too, and now I'm happily married with 9 kids!"

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