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who am i?

I'm a bad ass photographer
(Officially. It says it on my business card.)

Essentially I am just a grateful human with an odd sense of humor and the ability to elicit emotion from people that I am photographing.

  • Currently I live on a 35 foot school bus converted into a tiny home with the most sunshiney woman ever created.
  • My kids once gave me an award for cursing.
  • I'm happiest when I look around and wonder 'how the fuck did I get here?'


Green Ninja

Once upon a quiet sunday in November he was encouraged to pillage by a beautiful woman. Lacking the ability to say no, while possessing the wisdom that pillaging was a deeply discouraged practice in modern society, especially before the holidays, Green Ninja was born.

Follow along on the adventures of the mysterious yet sweaty 'artist of the most reviled acts' as he allows himself to be photographed doing the menial tasks of daily life that fill in the gaps between his vile, reprehensible, cunning acts of marauding pillagory.

If you're still reading you must be insane.

We're definitely going to get along well.

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